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Schema Spamming Case Study


My case study: Google finally caught on to my spamming schema format for rich snippets, and I received a structured markup quality issues message from Google notifying me that I lost all my rich snippets. This is after over 2 years of success.

The email (and message in webmaster tools) had the following โ€œGoogle has detected that the structured markup on some of your pages may be using techniques that are outside our rich snippet guidelines. As a result, Google has disabled rich snippets forโ€


What Schema Spamming was I doing?

I put together an amazing recipe, called it Spam Fondue, added all the proper tags for recipes rich snippets and on my second try this is what happened when you did a search for spam fondue: (see result #1)

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

If you look at the results (even today) you can find sites that scraped the recipe. ๐Ÿ™‚

The first try was for garbage fondue but it was not optimized for recipe SEO so it failed. More about that maybe another time.

This is what came up for garbage fondue: (result #7 and #8)


Click to enlarge


How long did it take me to get removed out of the penalty?

I submitted the reconsideration request on 1/18/15


And on 1/20/15 I got the manual spam action revoked message saying โ€œWe have processed the reconsideration request from a site owner for and removed the actions previously applied to your site.โ€


(I wish reconsideration request for backlink cleanup would be answered this fast…)

So I got my rich snippets back do you think I see a difference in the SERPs? NO! Not even for bread crumbs, thank you Google for nothing.

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