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373 Marketing Tips from #SearchLove London 2013


searchlove london 2013With world class exports SearchLove supplies you with some of the best and most up to date tactics for online marketing. From local SEO to international Marketing. From content marketing to the future of search. Two days full of info. So here are 373 tips you can’t tack to promote your business and clients.

launching something online with no budget. by @montemagno
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1. #searchlove london >#SEO shift from short term tactics to long term value > more about mktg – @yahn
2. Energy is the most underestimated characteristic for an online marketer @montemagno #Searchlove – @aleyda
3. Become a platform – like this your platform users will promote it naturally @montemagno #SearchLove – @aleyda
4. Contributors bring traffic to a platform, do not try to promote it, promote people! #searchlove – @NeoSEOit
5. Engage your competitors’ communities to increase your reach ~ @montemagno #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
6. Being smaller to get bigger > power of the community @montemagno #searchlove – @yahn
7. @montemagno ‘I made a lot of mistakes’ – leaders learn from their mistakes! #searchlove – @SauravRimal
8. Don’t fall in love with your own ideas ~ @montemagno #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
9. Free (and freemium) models can really work; whenever I can embed this model in a launch, I do ~ @montemagno #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
10. @montemagno Free model works! – Provide an incentive that helps others or your audience! #searchlove – @SauravRimal
11. You don’t have to go it alone. Get partners to help you, before you launch ~ @montemagno #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
12. Fail often to win. There is always a way if you want it enough. #searchlove – bravo @montemagno – @simonpenson
13. Online events at the moment are very powerful #searchlove @montemagno – @aleyda
14. When reaching out to bigger names give them value. Don’t sell what you want give them what they need #searchlove – @zazzlemedia
15. Timing is crucial. Are they launching a book? A tool? Something else? Reach out & offer to help them promote ~ @montemagno #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
16. @montemagno Go to top speakers/influencers when the package is ready! #searchlove – @SauravRimal
17. When inviting people to your online event, start at the bottom not the top #searchlove – @scotthague
18. What @montemagno does to land speakers can be applied to any outreach. Always focus on the end goal but get there intelligently. #searchlove – @tecmark
19. Whenever you can get a personal introduction from a shared connection rather than sending a cold email ~ @montemagno #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
20. Bottom up approach for events. Have your event locked down & ready prior to inviting top tier people/companies @montemagno #searchlove – @adammelson
21. @montemagno educating on how to implement the big idea and not just talk about it! #searchlove – great start to the conference! – @SauravRimal
22. launching something is not about the facts, but rather about the perception of the facts @montemagno #searchlove – @reprisemediaita


What Drives Action Online? Lessons From The Frontline Of Testing by @ameliashowalter
23. Don’t neglect testing ~ A/B testing meant they raised up to 5 times more via email than they would have @ameliashowalter #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
24. Don’t focus on large gains with A/B testing, improving 1/2% isn’t a lot at first but can add up over time. #searchlove – @SEOCandyuk
25. A/B testing: small changes make a big impact on the long term #SearchLove @ameliashowalter – @MauroMzz
26. Small differences in the headlines can make big differences psychologically ~ @ameliashowalter #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
27. Test everything, on multiple levels, making small changes to see gains. Typically emails had 4-6 drafts with different subjects.#searchlove – @SEOCandyuk
28. A/B Testing helped Obama raise huge amount of money for his re-election in 2012 #searchlove Great Insights from @ameliashowalter – @bjoernbeth
29. 3.7 million $ raised for Obama campaign by using the correct subject line #searchlove – @allenjaffe
30. Every piece of communication is an opportunity to test. @ameliashowalter #searchlove – @chriscaptivate
31. Most successful subject line for the Obama campaign? ‘Hey’. Keep it simple, huh? ~ @ameliashowalter #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
32. Don’t trust your gut. Conventional wisdom is often wrong. You are not your audience ~ @ameliashowalter #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
33. During the Obama campaign the analytics team were worse than chance at predicting the winning email messaging ~ @ameliashowalter #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
34. Ugly emails performed better than pretty emails during the Obama campaign. So they made them *even* uglier ~ @ameliashowalter #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
35. Check your ego at the door and foster a culture of testing ~ @ameliashowalter #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
36. Drop the ego and keep on testing. @ameliashowalter #searchlove – @chriscaptivate
37. @ameliashowalter Compare against yourself,not against your competitors or “the industry”-maybe you should be above the industry? #searchlove – @SauravRimal
38. Make sure you can trust your results. Multi-stage test to ensure tactics don’t decay / lose efficacy. ~ @ameliashowalter #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
39. Share your results with everyone in your company. Prompt discussion & generate new ideas for tests ~ @ameliashowalter #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
40. @ameliashowalter Invest in your team! Look for the most talented people and with diversity! #searchlove – @SauravRimal
41. Long held practices are often wrong. #ab-test #Searchlove – @OlafMeul
42. Hire smart, diverse talent. Diverse voices led to better content an better analysis ~ @ameliashowalter #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
43. Big data doesn’t have to be big brother. The most personal interactions usually won ~ @ameliashowalter #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
44. Shorter less formal emails subject lines work. Its more personal @ameliashowalter #searchlove – @chriscaptivate
45. Be human. When they dropped mild curse words into subject lines they usually won: ‘hell yes, I like Obamacare’~ @ameliashowalter #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
46. In general we found that shorter, less formal emails and subject lines did better. #searchlove – @SEOCandyuk
47. Behavioural segmentation was more powerful than demographic data e.g. donor vs non-donor ~ @ameliashowalter #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
48. Data was used in the Obama re-election campaign not just for increasing revenue generated, but in using canvassers’ time wisely. #searchlove – @tecmark
49. Tested emails on 10% of the email list. The email list was 15mill. That is a good data sample. cc @ameliashowalter #searchlove – @danielbianchini
50. @ameliashowalter did not find many insights in testing different sending days and time. Test different elements and targets #searchlove – @NeoSEOit
51. Video interviews are always powerful to reach out international audience #searchlove – @serbayarda


The new rules of big content promotion by @simonpenson
52. Successful content campaigns don’t happen by accident. Without hard work nothing grows but weeds ~ @simonpenson #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
53. When promoting big content, cover every channel: Paid media, Owned properties, Earned media, Social Platforms.~ @simonpenson #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
54. First question to ask before even creating content “Who would be interested in this” @simonpenson #searchlove – @chriscaptivate
55. Persona development, best way to understand the target market you are dealing with @simonpenson #searchlove – @chriscaptivate
56. Who’ll share this? Develop personas for each target type. From this develop messaging & content for each persona ~ @simonpenson #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
57. Find out where your personas hang out – what are they talking about there? What do they like and share? ~ @simonpenson #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
58. Hey #SearchLove, here’s the link to that Outreach tool that @simonpenson has built – give it a whirl: – @distilled
59. Figure out what the ‘sell’ is. What’s the value proposition of your content? Journos love exclusives ~ @simonpenson #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
60. Don’t just have one piece of content. Create lots of types. Then you’ll have lots of ‘exclusives’ ~ @simonpenson #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
61. Reaching out to journalists and professionals? Be prepared to offer something exclusive. #searchlove – @staceycav
62. Pro PR tip: go to the deputies or freelance writers~ @simonpenson #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
63. When outreaching to journalists, don’t email, pick up the phone. Don’t go to the editors either, try their deputies first. #searchlove – @danielbianchini
64. Invest in a paid LinkedIn account to find new contacts ~ @simonpenson #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
65. Reaching out to high level journos – be very clear on value. Succintly explain what you’re offering and why ~ @simonpenson #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
66. Optimise for social sharing: G+ authorship, facebook open graph meta tags, twitter cards, etc ~ @simonpenson #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
67. Don’t forget to also build out a long read article for search benefit – use in-depth article mark up ~ @simonpenson #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
68. Don’t be afraid to fail. Learn what does & doesn’t work and iterate ~ @simonpenson #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
69. Big Content Promotion > #searchlove train your team to phone calls > PR (& Link acquistion) is more about sales than email sending. – @yahn
70. Outreach as you, the agency, but speak to client first. If you’re using LinkedIn, then they will see you anyway. cc @simonpenson #searchlove – @danielbianchini
71. @simonpenson big content outreach! take home; bribing can seal the deal #searchlove – @GermeScott
72. Be clear to the client from the start that content marketing piece could fail. cc @simonpenson #searchlove – @danielbianchini
73. Create a content strategy that is continuos, that includes big bang content 3/4x a year. cc @simonpenson #searchlove – @danielbianchini


From unknown foreigner to local star by @aleyda
74. Going international is complex, both technically and from a marketing perspective ~ @aleyda #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
75. ‘We don’t have resource to update our international sites’ Why did you build them, then? ~ @aleyda #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
76. Use GA / WMT to see how you’re doing right now. Then research what the potential for each market is ~ @aleyda #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
77. You need native language speaker support, not just keyword research tools ~ @aleyda #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
78. Don’t rely on G Global Market finder to identify opportunity, it’s not always accurate – @aleyda #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
79. Is your company really ready and able to deliver internationally? Think legal, infrastructure, logistics etc ~ @aleyda #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
80. Yay! Aleyda built a tool to calculate whether or not you should expand internationally: ~ @aleyda #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
81. @aleyda #searchlove – Don’t do Intl SEO just because you must. Do it only if there’s a real ROI opportunity for it. – @gfiorelli1
82. @aleyda #searchlove – Intl SEO targeting. Indetify the best Intl Target for your site according to ur own requirements & restrictions – @gfiorelli1
83. @aleyda SEO country targeting begins in language targeting #searchlove – @NeoSEOit
84. @aleyda #searchlove – A crawlable & consistent Intl Web structure is fundamental although not enough to avoid Intl Search alignment issues – @gfiorelli1
85. It doesn’t matter if you are Country or Language targeting, they both need to have their own structure. cc @aleyda #searchlove – @danielbianchini
86. Subdomains do not inherit link equity from the root domain. But they can be easier to implement ~ @aleyda #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
87. @aleyda just by using ccTLD tactic it doesn’t guarantee results! #searchlove – @SauravRimal
88. @aleyda #searchlove – Avoid misalignments by including hreflang. Do it! – @gfiorelli1
89. Create language based local sites and country based landing pages first. Then decide based on their performance. @aleyda #searchlove – @emirhan
90. If you’re struggling with geotargeted content use hreflang. See … by @SauravRimal ~ @aleyda #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
91. Another tools from Aleyda: hreflang tag generator tool: … ~ @aleyda #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
92. @aleyda #searchlove – Remember to geo-target subfolders or subdomain in GWT – @gfiorelli1
93. Test your hreflang tags with Hreflang Testing Tool via @Flang @aleyda #searchlove – @emirhan
94. Amazon do a great job of nudging users to the right site rather than redirecting ~ @aleyda #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
95. @aleyda #searchlove – Be careful to not mix language with country targeting. You need to be consistent in your site content & features – @gfiorelli1
96. Be careful not to use country flags if you are language targeting. A US flag might turn off UK users ~ @aleyda #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
97. Growing popularity internationally is tough. Also be careful about how (or if) your brand translates ~ @aleyda #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
98. .@aleyda recommends the Google Consumer Barometer. … #searchlove – @tecmark
99. When expanding your brand, make sure that the brand doesn’t offend anyone in the languages your are expanding into. cc @aleyda #searchlove – @danielbianchini
100. @aleyda recommends to identify local players #searchlove – @yahn
101. @aleyda #searchlove – Use buzzsumo, social crawlytics and links explorers to identify the most linked & shared content in each Intl Market – @gfiorelli1
102. @aleyda #searchlove – Use Followerwonk, Topsy & Buzzsimo to identify local industry influencers in social networks and build relationships. – @gfiorelli1
103. @aleyda #searchlove Native support is a must to connect with ur local audience & become authority. But remember to respect local traditions – @gfiorelli1
104. @aleyda #searchlove – Usually non-english speaking countries are usually less competitives, but link spam is more common. Be careful! – @gfiorelli1
105. @aleyda #searchlove – Check the International SEO Checklist on @Moz. And the list of 40+ tools to use for Intl SEO, again on Moz – @gfiorelli1
106. #searchlove < Protip for local businesses that want to target foreigns markets: Local SEO with multi language reviews works like a charm. – @gfiorelli1


Google Approved Paid Links? Yes, There Is Such A Thing by @wilreynolds
107. You hire for the things you can’t train – even if that person is a freshman in college @wilreynolds #searchlove – @adammelson
108. no more links but impressions, that’s what I want #searchlove – @jaspermartens
109. Go check out nRelate. Publishers give their readers an easy way to find more great content. cc @wilreynolds #searchlove – @danielbianchini
110. Life lessons from Wil. Test even if you’re sceptical. You may be wrong ~ @wilreynolds #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
111. Life lessons. If you’re doing paid social promotion, don’t just set it and forget it, go back and optimise it ~ @wilreynolds #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
112. Know the value of followers so when your campaign promo gains new ones you can show how valuable some are against others #Searchlove – @kathdawson
113. Life lessons: Run great tests: test share button location & format, A/B test titles etc ~ @wilreynolds #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
114. A / B Tests in SEO is really important, test your content to get more links @wilreynolds #searchlove – @serbayarda
115. .@wilreynolds talking abt Israeli based @Taboola. Case study very successful: impressions, clicks, and *links* w/ no outreach #searchlove – @AriNahmani
116. Contact with journalists to leverage promotion for your content… Clear message at #Searchlove from @simonpenson and @wilreynolds – @kathdawson
117. Burn money and use testing to get more links with less money next time #searchlove @wilreynolds – @serbayarda
118. Don’t spend time to get back links with no visit,no social share,high br #searchlove @wilreynolds – @serbayarda
119. Life lessons: when testing content promotion track micro-conversions: shares, newsletter sign ups, read more etc ~ @wilreynolds #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
120. Great micro conversion tip > track how far visitors scroll on ‘big content’ as a way of proving engagement #searchlove – @simonpenson
121. At the end of an article, add an extra call to action. Sign up for our newsletter or read the next article. #searchlove @wilreynolds – @danielbianchini
122. The importance of micro conversions such as “read next article” button from @wilreynolds #searchlove – @renderpositive
123. Look for referring sites sending traffic with low bounce rates. Then test advertising there ~ @wilreynolds #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
124. Evergreen content FTW. You can continue to promote it rather than trying to come up with new content ~ @wilreynolds #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
125. @wilreynolds It’s not easy to come up with ideas on what people want! Lot of failures happens before finding the right idea! #searchlove – @SauravRimal
126. Create assets that people really want and you can go drink beer instead of creating endless cat memes @wilreynolds #Searchlove – @kathdawson
127. Do twitter search for ‘for a story’ to find journalists looking for info via @wilreynolds #searchlove – @AlisonParcell
128. A/B test titles before actually naming your content ~ @wilreynolds #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
129. Great advice from @wilreynolds . “Don’t get minions. They have tunnel vision.” Find and recruit data junkies & ‘growth hackers.’ #searchlove – @staceycav
130. Build great value/assets first, then use content promotion techniques. cc @wilreynolds #searchlove – @danielbianchini


Lessons from an ontology nerd by @Abby_the_IA
131. Meaning is subjective, socio-political, psychographic, lost in in translation and not talk about enough – @Abby_the_IA #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
132. Good user experience is built on a foundation of shared meaning – @Abby_the_IA #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
133. There are only 5 ways to organise anything: location, alphabetical, time, category, & hierarchy ~ @Abby_the_IA #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
134. Taxonomy is rethoric. i.e.: the way you choose to organize your vegetables says s’thing about what kind of store you are. #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
135. “it take knowledge to know that a tomato is a fruit, and wisdom not to put it in a fruit salad”. @Abby_the_IA #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
136. Mental models matter. A mental model is an explanation for the way someone makes sense of something. ~ @Abby_the_IA #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
137. Cultural meaning matters. In China a white paper lantern means you’re in mourning. USA = might mean a wedding ~ @Abby_the_IA #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
138. Remember, a word may have thousands meaning depending on culture, traditions, local… @Abby_the_IA #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
139. Reading level matters: words per sentence, humour, puns, characters per word, use of organisational devices ~ @Abby_the_IA #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
140. Colour coding everything does not make it better ~ @Abby_the_IA #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
141. Watch out for accidental synonyms. User vs Customers vs Consumers. Actually customers are different to consumers ~ @Abby_the_IA #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
142. Tools to wrangle meaning: Alien dictionary – imagine trying to explain the word to an alien ~ @Abby_the_IA #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
143. Check out controlled vocabularies – it’s a list of approved terms and definitions for your context/settings ~ @Abby_the_IA #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
144. “know what you mean when you say what you say” @Abby_the_IA #searchlove – @PaulAaronNorris


You Don’t Need More Traffic – Learn To Leverage The 99% That Aren’t Customers by @CraigBradford
145. Client:”we need more traffic”. I said “your conversion rate is 0.06%, why do you want more of this traffic?” ~ @CraigBradford #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
146. If your conversion is low then why do you spend more money to get more of this horrible traffic? @CraigBradford #searchlove – @chriscaptivate
147. GA struggles to show the full picture, because we’re tracking sessions, not individual users ~ @CraigBradford #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
148. 90% of people use sequential screens to complete a task #searchlove @CraigBradford – @SEOCandyuk
149. Convert more traffic rather than driving more @CraigBradford #searchlove – @chriscaptivate
150. “40% of offline purchases were researched online” @CraigBradford #searchlove – @chrisbennett
151. Universal analytics – tracking people and not sessions for real conversation rate values #SearchLove – @MauroMzz
152. We need to change the way we think. 10k visits does not = 10k visitors ~ @CraigBradford #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
153. We need to change the way we think. We need to start thinking about lifetime value ~ @CraigBradford #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
154. Rule No 1: Keep the relationship alive. Rule No 2: Never forget rule no 1 @craigbradford #searchlove – @emirhan
155. Always be valuable. The purpose of a customer isn’t to get a sale. The purpose of a sale is to get a customer ~ @CraigBradford #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
156. There’s value in things other than sales/revenue. Social shares, recommendation etc do have value @CraigBradford #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
157. Start using cohort analysis to understand how valuable different traffic sources are ~ @CraigBradford #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
158. Also look at demographic segments. Who’s the most valuable? How can you reach more people like them? ~ @CraigBradford #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
159. @CraigBradford – think of your channels as a football team, not everyone can score goals, just like all channels won’t convert #searchlove – @mattfieldingSEO
160. @CraigBradford Display is an awareness channel whereas direct and organic search is buying channel. #searchlove – @SEOJoBlogs
161. Sign up for Google Tag Manager. Enable Demographic Data. Try to use the measurement Protocol. @craigbradford #searchlove – @aleyda
162. Actions: Push customers to login. User tracking only works if users are logged in. Then keep them logged in ~ @CraigBradford #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
163. Direct traffic gets too much credit. Thanks to Lunametrics you can solve this: install directmonster.js ~ @CraigBradford #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna


tricks, tip and tools for baiting brand signals through content by @staceycav
164. Google favours big brands – but this is not done manually. You just need to look like a brand ~ @staceycav #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
165. Guest editorial contributor NOT guest post. Language is powerful. Change yours ~ @staceycav #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
166. Guest Blogging? Mmm. Better: Guest Editorial still works. Why choose a small amateur stadium? Choose Old Trafford for guesting #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
167. The first hurdle is finding the right publication. Don’t use Google for finding guest posting opportunities!! @staceycav #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
168. use magazine subscriptions to find websites that accept guest blogs and get read @staceycav #searchlove – @SEOCandyuk
169. Surveys make noise. They’re a great foundation for content ~ @staceycav #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
170. Clean up your language – you’re not looking for blogs, but publications! Increase the level of ambition @staceycav #searchlove – @aleyda
171. Also Hacker News is a great alternative for pushing content. @staceycav #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
172. Surveys are awesome, but only if the results tell an interesting story. @staceycav #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
173. If you have the budget, go for one poll, for online surveys. well worth the investment #searchlove @staceycav – @scotthague
174. In UK you can ask everything to Orgs and they must answer you. @staceycav #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
175. Check out for any Freedom of Information requests ~ @staceycav #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
176. Outreach journalists: Journalisted. And follow and interact with them on social offering data. @staceycav #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
177. Use images for attribution (not link). @staceycav #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
178. Share your photos on flickr under creative commons and tell people how to attribute ~ @staceycav #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
179. Do on page SEO and build links to your images so they rank ~ @staceycav #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
180. Image Raider is a good tool to easily find uncredited images #searchlove – @zazzlemedia
181. Centre your outreach around images. Find writers who need images and approach them ~ @staceycav #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
182. If someone influential uses your images and credits you, offer them more exclusive images ~ @staceycav #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
183. I’m more in love with than my fiance ~ @staceycav #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
184. “Build it and they will come. Bulls**t” Stacy Cavanagh #searchlove #London #conference – @mixed_pixel
185. “No matter what if your content is rubbish it doesn’t matter what traffic you buy” ~ @staceycav #searchlove – @chriscaptivate
186. When reaching out, Pick! Up! The Phone! @staceycav #searchlove – @chriscaptivate


the future of search by @willcritchlow @TomAnthonySEO
187. Caffeine introduced Machine Learning into how Google works (remember Panda?). #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
188. Post caffeine the algo became a black box – even to the search engineers at Google ~ @willcritchlow @TomAnthonySEO #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
189. 2 key trends for the future of search: 1) Context = personalisation + location + device & more ~ @willcritchlow @TomAnthonySEO #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
190. Google was using 57 different signals about you to personalise results 2 years ago. How many now we have Hummingbird? #searchlove – @zazzlemedia
191. Today a query is made up of: location & device (implicit query) + keywords (explicit query) ~ @willcritchlow @TomAnthonySEO #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
192. Context = language, search history, socia, location, time of day, device & more~ @willcritchlow @TomAnthonySEO #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
193. Keywords are becoming less important: the context is the real king #searchlove – @Martinica84
194. We can see the tech framework being laid for this already. Google acquired ~ @willcritchlow @TomAnthonySEO #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
195. A new layer of location data is coming: iBeacon detects that you’re in a store & pushes coupons ~ @willcritchlow @TomAnthonySEO #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
196. “Google now knows how busy the roads are.” Would you have believed that was coming back in 1998? #searchlove – @tecmark
197. Google also understand which attributes are most relevant for each entity ~ @willcritchlow @TomAnthonySEO #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
198. Hummingbird can understand when you are speaking out the query and understands the natural language #searchlove – @scotthague
199. Q&A content = good but Hummingbird means Google understand the question not that they’re looking for that specific text #searchlove – @mattfieldingSEO
200. Post-Hummingbird, Google is getting to grips with verbs, not just nouns. Don’t underestimate how HUGE this is for search. #searchlove – @tecmark
201. Be mindful about what you’re marking up – Google want to cut you out the loop ~ @willcritchlow @TomAnthonySEO #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
202. Markup optimization is gaining much more importance with hummingbird #searchlove – @NeoSEOit
203. Future Trends: Convergance of interfaces. Siri = single interface for your data + web search ~ @willcritchlow @TomAnthonySEO #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
204. Hummingbird: It’s the verb not the nouns and the natural language #searchlove – @scotthague


telling stories by Danny Scheinmann
205. Stories entertain, inform, express our values in action, and convey culture. ~ Danny Scheinmann #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
206. No matter what the experience, you always have the story #searchlove – @chriscaptivate
207. Our brain chemistry changes when we hear a story. But not all stories work the same. – Danny Scheinmann #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
208. Data, for instance, don’t make our brain producing oxytocin, which is responsible for empathy – Danny Scheimnann #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
209. Stories are more memorable, they engage. Data / information does not do that ~ Danny Scheinmann #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
210. People 14 times more likely to remember a story than data alone #searchlove – @rorynatkiel
211. Data vs Stories – 6 day recall: Data only = 5% recall. Data with story = 30% recall. No data, all story= 70% recall #searchlove – @Tony_DWM
212. Those that focus their brands on improving people’s lives on average triple their bottom line compared to those that don’t #searchlove – @zazzlemedia
213. Look at your clients. Look at what stories you want to tell about them. Stories that you want to share. – Danny Scheimnann #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
214. Top of the ladder = abstract ideas. Like ‘love’, ‘success’ etc – things we aspire to but can’t touch ~ Danny Scheinmann #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
215. Bottom of the ladder = concrete, real, tangible. Many companies get stuck in the middle ~ Danny Scheinmann #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
216. ‘It’s key that products / services we serve are doing moral good in the world..” Danny Scheinmann #searchlove – @Tony_DWM
217. Make your brand memorable by telling a really simple story #searchlove – @allenjaffe
218. The key to a good story is drama & action. We love to hear about obstacles being overcome ~ Danny Scheinmann #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
219. Story structure: 1) Where are we now? 2) Call to adventure 3) Challenges to overcome 4) Reward. Danny Scheinmann #searchlove – @Tony_DWM
220. Life lessons at #searchlove. “If you tell a story that isn’t true, you will be found out!” – @tecmark


Culturability: Are You Alienating Half Your Audience? by @TheWebPsych
221. 3 things to succeed online: know your audience, communicate persuasively and sell with integrity. #searchlove – @staceycav
222. The difference between manipulation and persuasion is intent. #searchlove – @Noll
223. Culture = shared set of value. Trends > behavior of consumer is increasingly variable as u go from country to country… – #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
224. Different cultural groups emply different usage strategies when using the same interface ~ @TheWebPsych #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
225. Language is culture specific: e.g. ‘getting pissed’ – US = getting angry. UK = getting tipsy ~ @TheWebPsych #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
226. Culture specific: language, body functions, social contexts, symbols, aesthetics #SearchLove @thewebpsych – @aleyda
227. Usability is deep related to cultural aspects: language, body position, social context, symbols, aesthetic #searchlove @TheWebPsych – @NeoSEOit
228. Making the user journey transparent and minimizing uncertainty #searchlove @TheWebPsych – @chriscaptivate
229. Long term oriented cultures like China tend not to like to part with cash, so offer small recurring payment options @TheWebPsych #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
230. Customer ratings are importaant becaue we don’t want think and make desicion. @TheWebPsych #searchlove – @chriscaptivate
231. Conversely short term oriented cultures like US/UK are all about instant gratification & fast response ~ @TheWebPsych #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
232. Make interactions fun, give away freebies, provide honest discussion, use and encourage UGC @thewebpsych #SearchLove – @aleyda
233. Take different countries’ psych profiles into consideration before creating or localising your website #searchlove – @SERPS_Invaders
234. “Never make cultural assumptions”by @TheWebPsych #searchlove – @missmarmarti
235. If you want to engage and convert a global audience,you have to be culture-sensitive @TheWebPsych #searchlove – @serbayarda
236. Different cultures have differing usage strategies & psychography so one size does not fit all ~ @TheWebPsych #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
237. Women prefer clear, no clutter. More colour responsive. Men: more dynamic / distractions & less privacy concerned @TheWebPsych #searchlove – @Tony_DWM


The Graph Theory. by @kelvinnewman
238. Graph theory is about understanding the relationships between humans and objects ~ @kelvinnewman #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
239. @kelvinnewman Blogs/sites with better connections provide better value! #searchlove – @SauravRimal
240. Graph Theory – An Introduction! The Video @kelvinnewman talked about #searchlove – @bjoernbeth
241. Reasonable surfer model supposes that some links are more likely to be clicked upon & are therefore more valuable~ @kelvinnewman #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
242. If anyone can build a Google killer, it’s Facebook ~ @kelvinnewman #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
243. Google is about documents and links, facebook about Things and relationships #searchlove @kelvinnewman – @bjoernbeth
244. Facebook already understand the structure of the data & our relationships. Google have to infer understanding ~ @kelvinnewman #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
245. FB graph search is about filtering a database: it makes it easy to find nodes and is query independent #searchlove @kelvinnewman – @NeoSEOit
246. EdgeRank = affinity (connections / interactions); weight (how well liked an entity is); decay (recency) ~ @kelvinnewman #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
247. The knowledge graph changes Google’s purpose – providing answers, rather than providing directions to documents ~ @kelvinnewman #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
248. @kelvinnewman You can no longer rely on Google to send you traffic! Corousel/Knowledge graphs are examples why #searchlove – @SauravRimal
249. Google was about finding you pages, now they find you answers #searchlove – @bjoernbeth
250. Start knowing and using Freebase #FTW. Search is about entities not keywords! – @kelvinnewman #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
251. Use bluenod to visualize social networks @kelvinnewman #Searchlove – @aleyda
252. If the knowledge graph is there now for few kws, it will be there in the future in some way! Be prepared! #searchlove @kelvinnewman – @SauravRimal
253. Use well Open Graph – @kelvinnewman #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
254. Don’t just use Schema. Extend them or create one. – @kelvinnewman #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
255. It’s not about optimising your website for search engines, it’s about optimising your business for search engines~ @kelvinnewman #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
256. and open graph are becoming more and more necessary. No more keyword but knowledge @kelvinnewman #searchlove – @NeoSEOit


So, You Have A Mobile Friendly Website, What Now? by @BridgetRandolph
257. Mobile websites are a basic requirement for any online brand cc @bridgetrandolph #searchlove – @danielbianchini
258. 57% of users won’t recommend a business with a poor mobile site, advises @BridgetRandolph #searchlove – @tecmark
259. “If you’re only starting to think about mobile now, you’re already behind.” @BridgetRandolph #searchlove – @staceycav
260. By 2017 85% of the worlds population is predicted to have 3G internet @BridgetRandolph #searchlove – @TheDaveCable
261. There’s no mobile for the user. Is not a separate channel but a technology @bridgetrandolph quoting @willcritchlow #Searchlove – @aleyda
262. 77% of mobile searches happen near a PC. Mobile users aren’t just ‘on the go.’ #searchlove – @tecmark
263. Consider using dynamic serving by user agent and/or ‘content everywhere’ – create once, publish everywhere ~ @BridgetRandolph #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
264. Use the ‘vary’ header to let Google know you’re modifying page content for certain users. @BridgetRandolph #searchlove – @TomAnthonySEO
265. Make it easy for users. Sync user accounts across all platforms & keep users logged in ~ @BridgetRandolph #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
266. Long-term cookies for login: don’t make me login again every time I come to your site #Searchlove @bridgetrandolph – @aleyda
267. Look at context and user intent. Bravissimo saw conversion rates double with weather dependent PPC ads ~ @BridgetRandolph #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
268. Permission is no longer enough. Our technology protects us – e.g. Gmail promotions tab ~ @BridgetRandolph #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
269. IKEA Catalogue App is genius! Though I won’t be telling the wife. via @bridgetrandolph #searchlove – @danielbianchini
270. Mobile will account for 15% of total ecommerce spend by the end of this year ~ @BridgetRandolph #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
271. “Last click attribution is the devil,” says @BridgetRandolph. Best, most succinct way of describing it. #searchlove – @staceycav
272. Selling to users on mobile? Only ask users for the information you REALLY NEED to complete the transaction. #searchlove – @tecmark
273. Amazon 1 Click saves all your information and allows easy purchases. via @bridgetrandolph #searchlove – @danielbianchini
274. Keep people logged in longterm – easy for the user to purchase again….because it’s about the user. #searchlove – @adammelson
275. 62% of emails are opened on mobile devices ~ @BridgetRandolph #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
276. Don’t create an App if you don’t need an App! @bridgetrandolph #searchlove – @danielbianchini
277. You can use push notifications via email – who needs SMS? #Searchlove @bridgetrandolph – @aleyda
278. Use mobile friendly email templates when sending your campaigns. @bridgetrandolph #searchlove – @danielbianchini
279. @BridgetRandolph Keep the user at the centre of the process. How can you use the mobile technology to fulfil users needs?#Searchlove – @SEOJoBlogs
280. Think of mobile as another browser #searchlove – @scotthague
281. Key takeaways from @BridgetRandolph’ preso: 1) Mobile not separate anymore 2) Track person not device 3) Serve users needs 1st #searchlove – @Tony_DWM


Savage creatures and vile passions; the lessons of communication by contagion by @MarkBorkowski
Slides – will add if you tell me they are
282. Don’t bring me media plans, bring me amazing stories ~ @MarkBorkowski #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
283. PR’s believe in one thing: “The power of the crowd” @MarkBorkowski #searchlove – @Tony_DWM
284. Every marketing message needs to come from your audience ~ @MarkBorkowski #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
285. When people are passionate you don’t need stunts, just tap into that passion and give them a voice @MarkBorkowski #searchlove – @kathdawson
286. There are 60k PRs in the UK & only 40k journalists ~ @MarkBorkowski #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
287. News at any cost? Is the story more interesting than the truth? ~ @MarkBorkowski #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
288. Stories are the life inside the mind. It’s all about context. Can you motivate the emotion of the crowd? @MarkBorkowski #searchlove – @Tony_DWM
289. Above all, make your story spectacular. Use amplifiers. If you can read one book, read “The hidden persuaders” @MarkBorkowski #searchlove – @Tony_DWM
290. Fundamental reallocation of value: it’s about social capital, people value ‘likes’ ~ @MarkBorkowski #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
291. Things that had social value now changed. Values of signalling have changed. Now, fundamental re-alloc of value @MarkBorkowski #searchlove – @Tony_DWM
292. Ask whether you’re leading your audience or following them ~ @MarkBorkowski #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna


How To Win Fans And Influence Users by @chrisbennett
293. We used to preach content is king, but we were practicing something different. ~@chrisbennett #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
294. And @chrisbennett starts by thanking Google for Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. #searchlove – @staceycav
295. The freedom to fail is something we need when doing big content. #searchlove @chrisbennett – @tecmark
296. The best case to get a big idea through is to show a competitor doing it. Not innovative, but effective #searchlove – @adammelson
297. Quote of the conference: “You need to Macguyver your content!” Ha! #searchlove – @TheDaveCable
298. Get more mileage from one piece of content by doing many versions, IG, video, written content, social cards, gifs ~@chrisbennett #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
299. Take a story & re-purpose content into: Infographics, Slides, Articles, Gif / Meme’s, Social Cards, Videos @chrisbennett #searchlove – @Tony_DWM
300. Wow slice up an Infographic and put it on slideshare, needs no budget, drove leads for @chrisbennett 33k views #searchlove – @wilreynolds
301. Embed your slideshare on your infographic landing page ~@chrisbennett #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
302. Upcycle content. Take great content and take it to a new format / media type ~@chrisbennett #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
303. If you’re an agency, create something really cool for you, then you can share the data with your clients ~@chrisbennett #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
304. Optimize for open graph tags! So your pieces are more attractive when shared in Facebook #SearchLove @chrisbennett – @aleyda
305. Get clients onboard with an idea by making something similar for yourself; u get the benefit & have the stats to prove it works! #searchlove – @renderpositive
306. Tweets with photos outperform tweets with text by 91% @chrisbennett #searchlove – @SamGooch
307. Track overs on info graphics with GA. @chrisbennett #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
308. Translate your infographics, as this could lead to a much larger audience. Seen this have huge success. #searchlove cc @chrisbennett – @danielbianchini
309. Repurpose 1 great idea and blast the Shiz out of it via @chrisbennett. AVG Time on Site 10-15min incl. from Buzzfeed! #bigwins #searchlove – @Gosh_Brad


Goodbye Spam, Hello Data! by @PaulDavidMadden
310. It is a brutal thing to get rid of a link penalty. #searchlove @PaulDavidMadden – @chriscaptivate
311. Google has an awful long memory – to Google, you’re still a spammer a long time after you stop #searchlove @PaulDavidMadden – @adammelson
312. Penalty removal tips: Confirm you have a penalty. WMT – check manual action. ~@PaulDavidMadden #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
313. Never go with someone who guarantees results @PaulDavidMadden #Searchlove – @aleyda
314. @PaulDavidMadden just said “Go and read the Google Webmaster Guidelines!” < You heard it here first. #searchlove – @danielbianchini
315. Penalty removal tips: Gather all data & spend time analysing it. Plan for mulitple attempts from the start ~@PaulDavidMadden #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
316. Gathering data: @majesticseo has the largest and freshest index @PaulDavidMadden #Searchlove – @aleyda
317. Analyse at root domain level, it’s unusual to get a good link from a bad domain or a bad link from a good one ~@PaulDavidMadden #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
318. Look at domains, metrics, TLDs, anchors, # of links per domain – things to look at while link analysis #searchlove @PaulDavidMadden – @SauravRimal
319. When contacting sites to remove links contact as a real person. ~@PaulDavidMadden #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
320. Two attempts to try and get something removed is generally enough #searchlove @PaulDavidMadden – @adammelson
321. Contact as a real person, from the domain with the penalty, record the conclusion for every domain / link @PaulDavidMadden #Searchlove – @aleyda
322. Wow – @PaulDavidMadden suggests doing link removal outreach via domain webmail account to give Google login to check your work #searchlove – @AriNahmani
323. Before reinclusion after disavow WAIT, typically upto 2 weeks says @PaulDavidMadden #searchlove – @SauravRimal
324. Reinclusion – be polite, brief, explain you’ve changed. Prove it. Last part is the hard part to show true change #searchlove – @adammelson
325. Takes an average of 4-5 reinclusion requests. Wow. #searchlove – @adammelson
326. Many bad links no longer exist when creating a reinclusion because those sites aren’t worth Google’s crawl resources #searchlove – @adammelson
327. @PaulDavidMadden When Google give examples of unnatural links, they are not correct. They also include links that r removed #Searchlove – @SEOJoBlogs
328. Always nofollow footer links to your sister sites @PaulDavidMadden #searchlove – @SamGooch
329. If you have a manual penalty – be brutal and disavow, if it’s algorithmic, take out the obvious links @PaulDavidMadden #searchlove – @SamGooch


5 Steps To Persuasive Web Design by @peeplaja
Slides – will add if you tell me they are
330. People trust what they see more than what they hear, says @peeplaja. #searchlove – @tecmark
331. Truly successful decision-making relies on a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
332. The importance of being clear on your website – persuasive web design #SearchLove @peeplaja – @MauroMzz
333. First impressions are 94% based on design @peeplaja #searchlove – @chriscaptivate
334. Visual appeal is more important than usability for user perception. ~@peeplaja #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
335. Keep you website simple and familiar in terms of design #Searchlove – @kathdawson
336. Visual hierarchy. The bigger the more important is. Basic rule for web design. ~@peeplaja #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
337. The biggest part of the website is judged as the most important part of the website. @peeplaja #searchlove – @SEOCandyuk
338. CTA colors have to be different from the website main color pattern @peeplaja #searchlove – @NeoSEOit
339. Website white space: the more stuff we take off, the more attention is given to what is left @peeplaja #searchlove – @Tony_DWM
340. Keep attention at all costs. 80% attention is above the fold. 69% attention is to the left ~@peeplaja #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
341. Don’t use stock photography if you want to increase your conversion rate #SearchLove @peeplaja – @MauroMzz
342. Contrast as “before-after” and surprise are great for maintaining people attent. ~@peeplaja #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
343. Avoid long text, paragraphs no more than 3/4 lines #SearchLove @peeplaja – @MauroMzz
344. Break up text. Use short paragraphs, subheadings etc to make for easy browsing/scanning ~@Peeplaja #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
345. “Welcome to our website”, “Who’s not welcome at a website” @peeplaja quote of the day!! #searchlove – @SEOCandyuk
346. Use subliminal and overt visual cues to encourage people to scroll and read the full page ~@Peeplaja #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
347. Our brain is constantly trying to identify patterns. If too much choice there’s paralysis. What sticks out gets picked @peeplaja #searchlove – @Tony_DWM
348. Use product badges to make them standout #SearchLove @peeplaja – @MauroMzz
349. Ebay follows Pinterest style because it is more focused on images #searchlove @peeplaja – @Martinica84
350. Big product images (change from small) increased sales by 25% for one of @peeplaja s client! #searchlove – @SauravRimal
351. Bigger pictures slow down the crawling an increase attention, time on Site and Conversions #searchlove @peeplaja – @bjoernbeth
352. People choose based on how appealing a visual is. They rationalise their choices later ~@Peeplaja #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
353. One primary action per screen. Keep secondary CTA secondary. Don’t push too much too soon. ~@peeplaja #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
354. @peeplaja What do I want people to do in this page? – great question to ask for all the pages on your site! #searchlove – @SauravRimal
355. Triggers are most effective when presented when someone’s motivation or ability are already at peak. ~@peeplaja #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
356. Removing the buy button from the top of a page saw sales increase by 20%. Triggers only work when people are ready ~@Peeplaja #searchlove – @kathdawson


Making your mark online: local business edition by @willcritchlow
357. Since 2008 Google have been favouring brands: Schmit said: Brands are how you sort out the cesspool. ~@willcritchlow #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
358. Small biz’s competing online have many advantages: agility, passion for your product / services & your team @willcritchlow #searchlove – @Tony_DWM
359. If you don’t have great product, I’m not here to help – @willcritchlow #searchlove Be great at the thing you do – @adammelson
360. Take the online, offline & vice versa ~@willcritchlow #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
361. SMB can make it more personal than the big brands @willcritchlow #searchlove – @chriscaptivate
362. Big Brands pretends to be personal. Small Businesses can be naturally personal. ~@willcritchlow #searchlove – @gfiorelli1
363. In publishing if they’re serious about stuff they make a digital version. When we’re serious we a print it ~@willcritchlow #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
364. Look for things/content that can stick around. Easier to justify creation #searchlove @willcritchlow – @danielbianchini
365. Evergreen content beats timely content, you get more than one shot. Also, steak. ~@willcritchlow #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
366. Who is the audience for your small business. Who can you engage with? Big brands can’t scale like you can!! @willcritchlow #searchlove – @Tony_DWM
367. Be the best at what you do and invest in great photography. Small business FTW. #searchlove #steaklove – @shelleywilson08
368. @willcritchlow thinks that video is critical for small businesses. #searchlove #steaklove – @danielbianchini
369. Tips for SMEs: Do stuff that doesn’t scale – have the CEO answer real-time chat questions ~@willcritchlow #searchlove – @hannah_bo_banna
370. Small biz should be less concerned with the best video/audio, start somewhere, even if it’s with just your iphone #searchlove – @adammelson
371. .@willcritchlow you need either time or money but not necessarily both #searchlove #steaklove – @BridgetRandolph
372. Brands that seek to make people happy have happy customers. What have you done for yours recently? #searchlove #steaklove – @shelleywilson08
373. Small biz mission & purpose huge. Be excited & passionate about yr business & offering. What can really be done? @willcritchlow #searchlove – @Tony_DWM


To sum it all up @aleyda gave the most amount of tips at one section and @hannah_bo_banna gave the twitter crowd a great insight to Search Love London 2013.
You should probably be following both of them!

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