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Marketing Tips SearchLove Boston 2012


If you are unable to attend a conference or event it doesn’t mean you need to miss out completely on it. That being said, here are “my” 87 marketing tips from LinkLove Boston 2012 day 1. See 114 tips from day 2.

I went through all the tweets from SearchLove (Linklove) Boston 2012 Day 1 (#searchlove) that were sent during the different presentations and picked out ones I thought have value even if it was not a new concept. I’m calling it a Twitter Report.

What will you find in this Twitter Report?

Valuable tips for your web marketing.
You will find that the same concept appears in multiple tweets, that’s due to the different angles that are highlighted.
Many of the tips were mentioned many times and I chose the tweet that was most clear.
Some of the tips I got were not clear just by reading one tweet. You would need to follow the flow to understand what is going on so those too were left out.
You will not find other peoples’ posts about the conference because they were posted later

I’m sorry about the pagination of the article but I was unable to get all the tweets to load on one page. If you have an idea how it can be done please drop me a comment.


Marketing Tips SearchLove Boston 2012 – Twitter Report

Tips 1 – 15 of 87

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