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100+ Marketing Tips from #KahenaCon

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Israel's Inbound Marketing ConferenceAfter having a great time at the KahenaCon I went through all the tweets with the hash tag #KahenaCon, and gathered all the tweets I thought had value for a reader that was not there (in the words of the conference: not in context) This is what I call a Twitter report.

This is not too difficult when you don’t go throw the tweets on a stream. All I did was insert the hash tag and date in to and downloaded a CSV file with all the tweets (a little more than 900 from May 26 2013).

As you can see from my last Twitter report, you can’t embed too many tweets on one page, so the user name before content of a tweet is a link to the exact tweet.

Tweets are in the chronological order. Enjoy them!  (I made no changes to the tweets)


LauraBenDavd – With all of the apps you can take care of nearly everything without ever going on a web page #Kahenacon @TomAnthonySEO
LauraBenDavd – Contextual Search Refinement – query not just keywords #KahenaCon @TomAnthonySEO
CharlieKalech – When not logged in google is still using 57 different signals to give you personalized search results via Tom Anthony at #kahenacon
aroth26 – .@TomAnthonySEO: implicit signals are overtaking explicit signals and people are relying on them more and more. #kahenacon
MenuchaZ – Definitely trying out Google Now @TomAnthonySEO #kahenacon
CharlieKalech – Nowadays ppl just type restaurant and the implicit info like location come from their device #seo #kahenacon Google Now is implicit ONLY
LauraBenDavd – Google goal to provide info without requiring search queries at all… #kahenacon @TomAnthonySEO Hmm no secrets from Google?
jumblerant – Caffeine is more important than Panda or Penguin #kahenacon #seo
rachslov – Structured data- all about making portions of content machine readable #kahenacon @TomAnthonySEO
CharlieKalech – Info tied to verified Authors wgood author rank will rank higher – who, not just what is a ranking factor in SEO via Tom Anthony #kahenacon
MenuchaZ – There’s far more to structured data than improving click through rates in the SERPS @TomAnthonySEO #kahenacon
LauraBenDavd – Can do searches that never touch the web… like Google Glass. Is it even SEO? #kahenacon @TomAnthonySEO
MenuchaZ – Google moving toward understanding and interpreting rather than indexing @TomAnthonySEO #kahenacon
aleyda – Restoring the trust in links: brand signals! #kahenacon @TomAnthonySEO
aleyda – For brands: Google+ unavoidable #kahenacon @TomAnthonySEO
rachslov – Enhanced Authorship & Generic tld’s on the way #kahenacon
aleyda – Watch out brand generic TLDs and authorship #kahenacon @TomAnthonySEO
aroth26 – You don’t need rel=author on every page in a site! Having it flowing in somewhere should be good enough #kahenacon
LauraBenDavd – RT @AriNahmani: Start asking Tom questions now here: . Get your questions in now! #kahenacon
Deni_ssita – @TomAnthonySEO takeaway #1: companies must be using Google + and using it OFTEN & consistently #kahenacon
aleyda – Cut Google out: Integrate social into your platform #kahenacon @TomAnthonySEO
MenuchaZ – Cut google (search) out by hiring a google glass engineer. @TomAnthonySEO #kahenacon
aroth26 – Must report on metrics other than keywords given the shift away from explicit queries! #kahenacon
MenuchaZ – We have to start focusing on landing pages that encompass both the explicit and implicit queries. @TomAnthonySEO #kahenacon
LauraBenDavd – A strong social profile not as important as links etc, more potential for being artificially manipulated @TomAnthonySEO #kahenacon
kbrowninisrael – Social data matters … as long as it comes from Google + #kahenacon #sadness
MenuchaZ – Links are still the absolute backbone of the algorithm @TomAnthonySEO #kahenacon
mordecaiholtz – Social data is not enough to drive SEO yet, links are still very important #kahenacon @tomanthonyseo
LauraBenDavd – ‘Homemade always better than store bought’ re: social media. Self-explanatory… @avimayer #kahenacon
LauraBenDavd – Find what your followers enjoy the most and use those elements in social media #kahenacon @avimayer
cr8community – If you can combine all your audience’s interests in one post you have hist the jackpot @avimayer #kahenacon
LauraBenDavd – Post 3-5 posts per week unless there is something exceptional and you are on the forefront #kahenacon @avimayer
MenuchaZ – If you’re not having fun you’re doing it wrong @avimayer #kahenacon
cr8community – If you’re having fun your audience will enjoy it too #kahenacon @avimayer
MenuchaZ – Most digital content lacks context @jonburg #kahenacon
SecInIsrael – Learning about the difference between digital content and online content. The diff is CONTEXT says @wibiya #kahenacon
LauraBenDavd – ‘There should always be a ‘next action’ provided for the user… ‘ @jonburg Good point! #Kahenacon
CharlieKalech – Really enjoying @jonburg who is rocking #Kahenacon advocating Content with Context, Value and Call to Action
cr8community – You need to have a great website even though that’s not where people are going to find out about you. @SamMichelson #kahenacon
CharlieKalech – Don’t just look at Internet presence in a vacuum, look at the context and at different contexts (eg locations) Via @sammichelson #Kahenacon
SarahHein – Context is king. @fiveblocks #kahenacon
CharlieKalech – track competitors, track trends instead of chasing the algorithm via @sammichelson #Kahenacon
MenuchaZ – Every person in ur organization has something to say and is probably saying it to coworkers instead of constituents. @jonburg #kahenacon
mordecaiholtz – Reputation management 80% is being there @sammichaelson #kahenacon
SocialShara – @avimayer keep personal and professional profiles separate #kahenacon
TechDocsIL – RT @SecInIsrael: Learning about the difference between digital content and online content. The diff is CONTEXT says @wibiya #kahenacon
LauraBenDavd – Retain users with newsletters, notifications, gamification, internal community- they should be excited about it #Kahenacon
LauraBenDavd – On an app a social stream, a community – so users feel a part of something. There’s Social and Support communities #kahenacon
LauraBenDavd – PR for an app: can have coverage on new features, competitors, milestones, leadership; i.e. execs should have a voice. #kahenacon
LauraBenDavd – #kahenacon panoramic view
LauraBenDavd – Traffic varies but Android brings the most app traffic… @ReadyToRound #KahenaCon
LauraBenDavd – Growth hacking – analyze and optimize all the time @ReadyToRound #Kahenacon
MenuchaZ – Align your goals with attainable and realistic expectations. @ReadyToShine #kahenacon
LauraBenDavd – New app initiation, then novelty wears off…Must build a good product to avoid ‘trough of sorrow’… #kahenacon @magisto
CharlieKalech – @magisto mktg vp speaking at #kahenacon on mobile optimization – beat the trough of sorrow; build a great product
CharlieKalech – Get users in front door, to ah-ha moment ASAP, deliver core product offer as frequently as possible via @magisto #kahenacon
MenuchaZ – Don’t have dead ends in your product. @magisto #kahenacon
LauraBenDavd – Offer push notification after they already trust you – Tal from @magisto #kahenacon | Makes sense
LauraBenDavd – Flurry is a good tool for mobile app analytics Google analytics not enough for mobile apps – Tal from @magisto #KahenaCon
CharlieKalech – @magisto Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral for mobile optimization but applicable to all verticals #kahenacon
cr8community – Only 2% have mobile strategies so there is a lot of opportunity @tomerhen #kahenacon
rachslov – .@tomerhen mobile site a must – need to have click to call, sms etc. most users forget to search again when near a computer #kahenacon
CharlieKalech – Ppl are lazy 65% of mobile searches are from within a house #kahenacon
CupcakeCaterers – Mobile site content short quick 30 sec videos #kahenacon
LauraBenDavd – ‘Where’s content coming from?’ Every company needs content avenue; should be positive energetic content producer @jonburg #kahenacon
LauraBenDavd – Natasha at Rounds… launching an app must be stable, inherently viral, easy to share, invite multiple friends at a time #kahenacon
CharlieKalech – SMS formatting via @TomerHen: Recognition, Attraction, Action, Incentive #kahenacon
SecInIsrael – Consensus: google plus is no longer a option! Gotta get on that! #kahenacon
SecInIsrael – FB groups the best way to control public vs private persona without sacrificing ease of use says @LauraBenDavd #kahenacon
SecInIsrael – First, decide whether you are your brand, or you have a separate product or service to sell, says @pixelpointpress #kahenacon
rapidfirevid – ‘The day of launch is not the end of the game.’ Zvika Jerbi on analytics, testing, and optimization #kahenacon
cr8community – Creating variations is the hardest part of A/B testing. Tzvika Jerbi #kahenacon
eliesheva – @AviHein I go thru all kinds of guilt when I remember I need/should have done split testing. Why does it have to be such a drag? #kahenacon
AriNahmani – Zvika Jerbi with huge tips for every website – google tag manager + google content experiments #kahenacon
YakirHyman – RT @cr8community: Creating variations is the hardest part of A/B testing. Tzvika Jerbi #kahenacon
rachslov – Important to think about micro conversions. Not just macro @AnalyticsNinja #KahenaCon
rachslov – . @AnalyticsNinja Keywords used to matter now it is landing pages! #KahenaCon
mdavep – i like @AnalyticsNinja ‘s attitude towards social media. “what, exactly, is it worth?” #kahenacon
kbrowninisrael – No referrers – it’s the new (not provided). 🙁 #kahenacon
MenuchaZ – Links clicked on from IM count as direct traffic. I never. Thought about that. @AnalyticsNinja #kahenacon
cr8community – Metrics that matter aren’t the same for every business. @analyticsninja #kahenacon
GilR – Export metrics to Excel and use conditional formatting ~@analyticsninja #kahenacon
CharlieKalech – The most value in digital analytics is found in how it answers your specific business questions via @AnalyticsNinja #kahenacon
cr8community – Look to book – how often do people who look at an item actually buy? @analyticsninja #kahenacon
SocialShara – @AnalyticsNinja Measure scrolling behavior, not just sharing behavior. #kahenacon
SocialShara – @AnalyticsNinja Make sure qualitative data is part of your data. #kahenacon
SocialShara – @AnalyticsNinja follow corporate IP addresses. Shhhhh. #kahenacon
GilR – If you know somebody watched 75% of your video and didn’t buy you can remarket specifically to that condition. ~@analyticsninja #kahenacon
GilR – If somebody went to a page that had a TBD on it but didn’t purchase, you can retarget specifically to that @analyticsninja #kahenacon
CharlieKalech – We are living in a multichannel world so our marketing process needs a makeover via @aleyda #Kahenacon
mordecaiholtz – Forget SEO for a moment think about user <—best line of the day @aleyda #kahenacon
rapidfirevid – We’re not offering a multi channel experience to our users. But it’s a multi channel world. – @aleyda #kahenacon
rapidfirevid – Select your platform: mobile web vs mobile app. – @aleyda Which have you chosen? #kahenacon
rachslov – . @aleyda : for mobile sites 3 options 1. responsive – best for google but not necessarily for you! Depends on the user #kahenacon
paulseoguru – @aleyda says dynamic serving so that these pop ups dont break the natural flow of the page. AGREED! #kahenacon
JackieGold – Interesting tip: compare queries by desktop vs mobile users #kahenacon
CharlieKalech – Not just about the googlebot but about the user via @aleyda #Kahenacon
CharlieKalech – Future proof your SEO and increase your visibility today with Schematic and Google local presence via @aleyda #kahenacon
rachslov – .@aleyda so impt to serve the right agent to the right user for your device. needs to be implemented well from tech perspective #kahenacon
cr8community – Don’t forget to create landing pages for apps. There are users looking for apps through mobile search. @aleyda #kahenacon
rachslov – so true users must be #1 “@aleyda re:responsive design- must give great overall experience to users.” #kahenacon
deb_laks – According to @aleyda , the future is Multi-device #kahenacon
– Listening to great talks at #Kahenacon but the real thrill is meeting new people and making new friends
CharlieKalech – Main restriction of responsive design is it is not dynamic so can’t target mobile behavior like click to call @aleyda #Kahenacon
rachslov – .@benln promote product with premium giveaways. #kahenacon . works with really big sites to get them on board
GilR – I have these companies paying me a ton of money and I say can you change this title tag and they’re like no @aaronfriedman #kahenacon
TomAnthonySEO – The Evolution of Search – my slides from #kahenacon:
TomAnthonySEO – Meetings are a waste of time. – Couldn’t agree with @AaronFriedman more. #kahenacon
LeviMargolin – I guess I need to look into @trello. Saw @ayalayoung using it earlier & now @AaronFriedman is pitching it. #ProjectOfTheWeek? #KahenaCon
AnalyticsNinja – Whatever you do give 100%. Unless you’re giving blood. via @AaronFriedman #kahenacon
GilR – SEO is a support role for everyone else. That’s how you need to look at it ~@AaronFriedman #kahenacon
elanayael18 – @mordecaiholtz: “Forget SEO for a moment think about user” est line of the day #kahenacon” GREAT ADVICE when building a virtual relationship
eliesheva – Impressions, notes, leftover caffeine from #kahenacon yesterday: Kudos @TomAnthonySEO @jonburg @benln @KahenaDigital
GilR – Best lines & lessons of #KahenaCon What did I miss?
rapidfirevid – Context, contacts and coffee at #KahenaCon 2013: Thanks to @kahenadigital @TomAnthonySEO @jonburg @benln & all
aleyda – Inbound Marketing in a Multi-device World > My presentation at #KahenaCon 2013 –
mordecaiholtz – my summary of #kahenacon “Move Over Content, Context Is Coming to Get You” #marketing #seo #smm
TelANiv – How @AriNahmani and @KahenaDigital accidentally made #KahenaCon the conference to go to. #JPost
startappdotcom – Read about the great tips and tricks we learned at the #KahenaCon on our latest blog post:


I guess that makes Laura Ben Davd the best tweeter at the KahenaCon. Go follow her! I already did.

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  1. Great, useful compilation of KahenaCon tweets and thanks for the plug!

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