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The Crack Backlinks Checker Tool – Review


I took “The Crack Backlinks Checker Tool” by Jim Boykin of Internet Marketing Ninjas to a nasty test by giving it 100K links to analyze. If I need to summarize my experience in one word it would be Amazing!!

The Crack Backlinks Checker Tool has a different approach to the entire backlink analyzing process than any other tool I have used until now. For more check out my post about backlink removal tools.

Most tools try to help by detecting the bad backlinks and contacting their webmasters to try and get them removed. This is done by examining each link and rating its risk based on a number of set parameters. The only one that looks a bit deeper is linkdetox that will show the number of links by domain, IP address and try to detect the topic and site type (blog, directory, forum etc.) but they filter out many urls and do sampling on the others.

The Crack Backlinks Checker Tool doesn’t try to detect if the link is good or bad it helps you find patterns in the backlink profile of a site. The Tool also has the option to mark each link (page level or domain level) if you choose domain level all other links from that domain will be marked as well. At the end it will provide you with the report to submit to the disavow tool.

You start by uploading the Backlink report from Google Webmaster Tools. You must provide root domain and if you have any redirected domains you add them as well. Before pressing on Check Backlinks you can Sign up for the Penguin Newsletter, a recommended thing to do.

Depending on the number of backlinks the site has it might take some time (you don’t need to watch it, you’ll get an email when the process is done.)

When going to the final report you have 3 Main tabs: Live Domains, Dead Domains and Analyze Live Links Report.

crackc backlinks checker report

Click to Enlarge

Live Domains – the number of live links found in the list you provided.

Dead Domains – here things are starting to get exciting. You will get a summary of all the pages that don’t contain a link to your site or links that you don’t need to worry about like links with nofollow.

  links not to worry about

The 301 links should not be here because they do pass power. (Also mentioned by Jim Boykin in the video)
As far as my experience 302 redirects pass some power but you shouldn’t worry about them like the 301 redirects.

Analyze Live Links Report – here is the crown jewel of the tool, all live links are sorted in to different patterns.

The Crack Backlinks Checker Tool

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(The image shows just the first 3 top pattern breakdowns out of 10)

The 10 pattern are:

  1. Site Analysis
  2. URL Pattern Analysis
  3. Root Domain Analysis
  4. Possible Blog Links
  5. Possible Forum Links
  6. Press Releases, Articles, Directories, SEO and Wiki
  7. URLs Containing Dates
  8. Links That Don’t Match Patterns – can also have bad links there
  9. Most common anchor text
  10. Most linked to pages
patern depth

Click to Enlarge

When pressing on each link on the right it opens a list of links that match that sub pattern. Inside each one there are more patterns found in that specific sub pattern. (In my report there are up to 4 levels in some of the pattern types)

If the pattern is not clear enough then next to each link you have links going to 5 more sites that may provide more data to help you decide about each link.

  1. A Google domain search with the phrase “payday loans” this is to see if the website may have (more) spammy or low quality content. (this is only 1 out of many phrases that can be used)
  2. Whois for domain
  3. Majestic Site Explorer for the domain
  4. SEM Rush for root domain
  5. Wayback Machine (web archive) for domain

There is one more column that will open more urls that are very similar from the same domain.

When getting all this information in such an organized order and transparent (even linkdetox removes links from the uploaded list) it is so easy to decide whether to take action on each page with a url pointing to your site.

Next backlink analyzing I need to do I know where I’m going to start!

This tool is for users that are positive they know what they are doing. If you just think you know stay away and use other tools that don’t just wipe tens of links out at once.

Now that I finished praising the tool I’ll tell you about a few bugs I found. Please note it still is in beta and they aren’t too bad.

  1. In the pattern named “Press Releases, Articles, Directories, SEO and Wiki” one of the things looked for are words in the url. So all sites that are hosted on come up. This should be any easy fix
  2. Under pattern “Possible Blog Links” you will find blogspot and blog so in the blog pattern you will find again all the blogspot blogs that link to you.
  3. I did find some mistakes in IP address this is the only real bug I found
  4. I’d be very happy if I could export all the data in a csv. – I’ll pay for this feature.
  5. More than 1 domain a week – I’d pay for this as well.

I can’t wait until Jim Boykin will release the rest of the tools he mentioned in the video.

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