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removal from Google Search

July 2, 2014
by Menachem Rosenbaum
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Webmaster Tools Notice of removal from Google Search

With the new “right to be forgotten” ruling by European Union’s top court Google started removing some results from different searches. To put a hole in the ruling they added at the bottom of the page a notice “Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe.”

Now Google started notifying the webmaster that some page have been removed from the search results with a  “Notice of removal from Google Search” in WebMaster Tools Continue Reading →

November 7, 2013
by Menachem Rosenbaum

373 Marketing Tips from #SearchLove London 2013

searchlove london 2013With world class exports SearchLove supplies you with some of the best and most up to date tactics for online marketing. From local SEO to international Marketing. From content marketing to the future of search. Two days full of info. So here are 373 tips you can’t tack to promote your business and clients. Continue Reading →

May 28, 2013
by Menachem Rosenbaum
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100+ Marketing Tips from #KahenaCon

Israel's Inbound Marketing ConferenceAfter having a great time at the KahenaCon I went through all the tweets with the hash tag #KahenaCon, and gathered all the tweets I thought had value for a reader that was not there (in the words of the conference: not in context) This is what I call a Twitter report. Continue Reading →

May 9, 2013
by Menachem Rosenbaum
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Short Cutts Widget

Check out the short cutts widget, with all questions and answers given by Matt Cutts on the webmaster youtube channel. The widget will be update with new questions (now it is done manually but I hope to automate it in the future) as they come out.
Continue Reading →

April 2, 2013
by Menachem Rosenbaum

Exporting Data from Webmaster Tools via API

Getting all your data out of Google webmaster tools is usually very easy. All you need to do is export your data as a CSV or have it opened in a Google Doc.get-webmaster-tool-data This is as long as you maintain you website properly because you won’t have much to export. I’m sorry to say that this is not the case with many websites on the web. Especially if the owner updates the site every now and then, the odds to find a mess reported in Google webmaster tools, just sky rockets. This does not change much even if a “professional” redesigns the site. Continue Reading →